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Featured on this page are a live webcam and eight short videos which showcase the landscape, villages and towns, people, and events which go towards making the Yorkshire Heritage Coast and North York Moors surrounding Whitby such a unique and distinctive travel destination.

By clicking this link, you'll find a 2-minute video made by the North York Moors tourism people which has some lovely shots, scenary and a lovely sound-track.

It is well worth a viewing to give an impression of our lovely countryside of the North York Moors.

 Robin Hoods Bay Beach

Robin Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire Heritage Coast Makes for a Gorgeous Day Out from Whitby.

Click this link to view another 2-minute short-feature - mainly about star-gazing, Segway riding, cycling and the "Go Ape" centre in Dalby Forest - half-way between Whitby and Rosedale Abbey.

Our third link will take you to another short-feature - this time all about the Yorkshire Heritage Coast with some nice views of Salburn, Staithes, Runswick and Whitby.

This fourth link will show a slightly longer 8-minute video made by the North York Moors National Park Authority - some very beautiful scenes - and taking in all seasons.

Saltburn cliffs - Mike Nicholas

The Coast Near Whitby is Dominated by Soaring Seacliffs and Sheltered Bays.

This fifth link features the lovely Howardian Hills along the Southernwestern-edge of the North York Moors.  The Howardian Hills are formally recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Take a look at this timelapse photography sequence from Phillip Marschke; and with atmospheric music by Julien Boulier.

Shot in Autumn and Winter the photographs absolutely capture the stark and harsh beauty of our local environment on the Moors; and our amazing skies above.  I think this is my favourite!

This latest video from the Tour de France and "Visit Yorkshire" showcases some great scenery you'll see when Le Tour visits out magnificant country for the Grande Depart in July 2014.

Here's a new time-lapse photography sequence put together by my 11-year old daughter and showcasing some nice photographs of the North York Moors around Rosedale Abbey.  It's set to"Hallelujah" recorded by Jeff Buckley and written by Leonard Cohen. 

Here's a new link to a video made by the Gilles Jones Glass Studio in Rosedale Abbey which showcases the intricate processes involved in their creative glass-making work.  It's fascinating and also has some lovely scenic shots.

Abbey Church Whitby

Whitby's Historic Church Overlooks the Old Town Below.

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