Fishing in Whitby or on the Yorkshire Moors

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Salmon Fishing

The Esk River- flowing from Castleton down to the sea at Whitby - has been for many years Yorkshire’s premier salmon-fishing river over its entire length. 

Fishing on river Rye - Tracey Phillips

There are lots of opportunities for fishing across the North York Moors around Rosedale.

Danby Angling Club

Salmon fishing can be taken on the upper reaches of the Esk near Danby.  For day or season tickets contact Danby Angling club secretary Roger Payn - telephone 01287 660607.  The angling season runs from 1st March to 31st October and fishing is permitted by fly or spinner.

Groves Hall

Groves Hall is just 15-miles from Rosedale or five miles from Whitby.  They offer Salmon and Sea Trout fishing on a private stretch of riverbank on the River Esk.

The fishing season runs until 30th September for Brown Trout, and until 31st October for Salmon and Sea Trout. Any method of fishing is allowed, but fly is limited.

Special Weekend Fishing Rates are available.  For further details, telepone Groves Hall on 01947 820 241.

Trout Fishing

Lockwood Beck

Our Grand Father helped build it; and our father and five aunties were all born there; so Lockwood Beck holds a special place in our hearts.  It just so happens to also offers the finest trout fishery in North Yorkshire.  And best of all, it’s close to both Rosella Cottage and Spyglass 1708.  So whether you are new to the sport, a run of the mill angler like most who enjoy banter and a few fish, or an expert seeking to further hone skills, Lockwood Beck is the place to be.  For booking and further information please contact: Gordon Byers, Fishery Manager, Tel: 01287 660501 or Mobile: 07973 779527.

Scaling Dam

Scaling Dam is on the A171 road to Whitby.  The water is stocked with both Rainbow and Brown Trout and both fly and worm fishing is allowed.  Day tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines by the lodge.  Brown Trout can be taken between 22 March and 30th September.  Rainbow trout can be taken until the 31st October.  There is a bag limit of eight fish per day.  For further information, contact 01287 660974.

Course Fishing

Wykeham comprises four lakes which offer a wide variety of course fishing in an area of natural beauty.  Fish for trout, carp, pike and a wide variety of silver fish.  The four lakes are managed for each individual type of fishing as well as match fishing.  Wykeham Lakes can be found on the A170 about six miles from Scarborough.  For bookings, contact Mike Heelis, Fisheries Manager - tel 01723 863148.

Sea Fishing

Our favourite sea-side town for fishing has always been Whitby.  There’s just something magical about heading out to sea through the pier-ends at Whitby and knowing you’re re-tracing the sea-path of the Great Captain Cook who made this port his home.  You’ll find plenty of options for Wreck, Reef, and Charter Trips from the picturesque Port of Whitby.

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