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We know that many folks from Australia and New Zealand make the “pilgrimage” to the “Old Country” and often put Whitby on their itinerary because of the historical links between Captain James Cook’s voyages of exploration and discovery and the founding of their new world countries.

Spyglass 1708 makes a very fine base for all Aussies and Kiwi's when exploring our region.

Harbour Bridge

Spyglass 1708 is Perfect for Aussies and new Zealander's Coming to Visit Whitby for a Few Days.

And we welcome you all to Captain Cook’s homeland in North Yorkshire!

If you’re in the area for a long weekend over four days, why not plan your visit to take advantage of the fantastic Captain Cook Country Tour?

You’ll get to see a number of fantastic museums recording Captain Cook’s early life in Yorkshire and his travels to your far-flung lands.

You’ll also get to visit a number of our local historical towns and villages; including Great Ayton, Guisborough, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Staithes, Sandsend and Whitby.

It’s a beautiful and scenic tour and can be completed comfortably in sections over 2-3 days; and all from the comfort of Spyglass 1708 in historic Whitby. There are also plenty of side-tours and opportunities for walks along the way.

McQuaries Chair

Spyglass 1708 Was Already 108 Years Old when Mrs Macquarie was Making Her Chair in Sydney!

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Captain Cook Tour

The Captain Cook Country Tour will take you through a rich variety of landscapes.  

From industrial activity to wild Moorland, and along the coast from which James Cook took inspiration.  The tour is a circular route of around 70 miles (113km) with distinctive brown and white road signs.  

Starting at Captain Cook Birthplace Museum in Marton, the tour passes through Great Ayton where you can visit the Captain Cook Schoolroom Museum.  For our Australian visitors, you’ll find Captain Cook’s family home “down-under” as the small cottage was dismantled and shipped to Australia in 1934, where it was rebuilt in Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.  

From Great Ayton, you can also take the short side-tour to the Captain Cook Memorial stone on the hills next to Roseberry Topping.  

You’ll then drive along the coast to Staithes where you can visit the Captain Cook and Staithes Heritage Centre.

The tour then travels onwards to Whitby; where you will find the bronze statue of Cook looking out to sea on Whitby's West Cliff – a gift from the people of Australia.  

In Whitby, you’ll also find the Captain Cook Memorial Museum which houses even more artefacts connected with Cook.  

The tour may be joined at any point although starting at Marton is the logical point to follow the Cook story from his birthplace.  The tour can be completed by car in a whole day, but two or more days is recommended to take advantage of all that there is to see and do.

Captain Cooks Monument - Mike Nicholas

Captain Cook's Monument and Roseberry Topping.

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