The Seasons

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Spring in Whitby or Rosedale Abbey

Spring arrives on the North Yorkshire and on the Coast in March or April and is marked by the return of new green growth and Daffodils; new lambs in the fields and on the moor tops; and the return of migrating birds from the South and from Africa.

You'll also sea the Herring Gulls begin to rebuild their nests on the chimney pots of oldtown Whitby.

Seagulol nesting

Our Guests Can Watch the Seagulls Nesting on Near-by Chimney Pots.

The lengthening spring days and fresh Yorkshire air make Spring the perfect time for active pastimes such as walking and cycling holidays to Whitby or Rosedale Abbey.

Dipper - Mike Nicholas

Birdlife Abounds on the North York Moors in Springtime..

Rosedale Lamb

You'll See Lots of Lambs on the North York Moors between Whitby and Rosedale in Springtime.

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